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Three Practices That Can Help You Excel as a Professional Barber

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After you've completed your training and begun working in a salon, a good haircut is only a minor portion of what your clients will expect when they sit in your chair. Contrary to widespread belief, having good technical skills isn't always enough to make you a successful barber. Some clients are looking for more of an experience than a simple haircut. Before you start operating as a professional, it's a good idea to look at just some of the qualities that clients look for in a barber.

Time Management Skills

When it comes to the average male client, time is generally of the essence. These clients want a quality haircut, but they aren't interested in spending a long time having it performed. Good time management skills can help ensure you're scheduling your clients appropriately.

For example, say you have a client looking to have their shoulder length hair cut into a faded or fringed buzz style cut. It's probably not a good idea to schedule another haircut fifteen minutes after their arrival. A cut of this magnitude will take some time to complete and your other clients won't be happy about waiting.


Although a career as a barber leans more on the artistic side, this doesn't mean you can forgo professionalism. You and your clients will have a better experience when you're business oriented. For starters, highly professional barbers don't just aim to give their clients haircuts, but they look to meet all their needs.

Facial grooming and razor bump treatments are just some of the additional services a professional can offer. This also involves using technology to your advantage. Instead of only being able to call for an appointment, set up a system where clients can use social media or other web-based applications to create appointments or communicate.

Familiar Relationship

While you don't have to become your client's best friend, some people prefer a barber that they have somewhat of a familiar relationship with. Make it a point to always address your clients by name. As they continue to come for services, collect information about them.

Spouse's name, favorite haircut, and whether or not they have children or pets are just some of the things you can write down. Whenever the client has an appointment, asking about their spouse or cat will definitely make them feel better, more comfortable, and that you value their business.

The more effort you put into making your clients happy, the more they will come back for additional services and the more they will recommend you to other people. Make sure you always keep your client's satisfaction a top priority. To update your knowledge, take classes form a barber college.