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How To Proceed With A Career When You're Not College-Bound

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Are you an individual who went to college and realized it just wasn't for you? On the other hand, you may have always known that college wasn't in your future. Either way, you may be considering careers that will offer you a great way to earn a decent living while also offering you something that you will really enjoy doing. Here are some ideas that might help you to decide which direction you're headed.

You May Do Well As An Entrepreneur

If you love being in control of your own working hours and doing what you love to do, think about having your own business. Remember that you might have to work part-time in another field until you are making enough money to work solely on your dream job.

A career in sales is one option for you, especially if you are an outgoing person who isn't hesitant about approaching people who might be interested in the product you are selling. Some options for you to consider are selling essential oils or other health-related products. In fact, selling pharmaceuticals might be an option. If you select that course, you will need to take training classes that will familiarize you with the products you are selling.

Another idea is to do something like car detailing, house painting, home staging, or landscaping. While it might take awhile to be self-supporting in any of those fields, word-of-mouth and good advertising on your part might lead to a very satisfying and successful career for you.

If you are an accomplished artist, consider finding a gallery that will sell your work. If you are an expert on the piano, violin, or in another musical area, think about using your passion for music to make money.

A Trade School Might Be A Good Place To Start

If you don't want to attend college but you realize that you want an actual trade, it might be a good idea for you to look at trade schools like the HVAC Technical Institute.

Trade schools offer a program that usually ends up with certification. This is good, because you'll have actual proof that you attended classes, passed tests and completed all of the requirements necessary to earn your diploma or certification. 

A good example of a career that is offered in trade school is electrician training. Depending on how much time you can give to classes, your requirements might be completed in just a few months. However, some electrician training certification might take as long as two years.

You'll receive in-class instruction that is offered by experienced experts. At a certain point, you will also be sent to actual job sites with trained electricians who will supervise your work. In addition, you'll be trained on state-of-the-art equipment that will prepare you to work in the real world.

If you do decide to go to trade school, you might be surprised to find that it is affordable. In many cases, you can get excellent loans and maybe even scholarships to help you pay for the tuition.